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Wedding Dance Lessons

Let us create the magic

At J.B. Dance we want  you to feel as comfortable on the dance floor as if you were walking. It's easy and a lot of fun.


You will be taught by the Professional Principal Teacher Blair and not just one of the teachers.
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Come learn in a purpose built air-conditioned Dance Studio.

Most of our couples have never danced before so don't worry we will remove any stress you may have about the preparation of your dance. You bring along your favourite song and we will show you everything you need to pull off an amazing wedding dance!
There is no song we will not make work. We will make an original dance for you! 

 We are trained at teaching all levels of dance and we can't wait to teach you! 

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Wedding Dance Lessons Brisbane

First Dance Lesson 1 x 45 Min. Dance Lesson

Left it to the last minute?

It's never too late to learn to dance! 

You and your fiancé will feel comfortable doing something on the day that isn't the typical "Bridal Rock," but nothing too extravagant. For those with a short time frame that want something basic and easy to learn.


1 x 45min private lesson for Bride and Groom

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* Online booking fee applies

Wedding Dance Lessons Brisbane

For couples who would like a little more than the traditional!

This is for when you have a bit of time but don't want to do something too over the top but still something that will wow your audience. Full instruction to a song of your choice.

6 x 45min private lesson for Bride and Groom

First Dance Lessons 6 x 45 Min. Dance Lessons

* Online booking fee applies

First Wedding Dance Lessons Brisbane

First Dance Lessons 10 x 45 Min. Dance Lessons

For couples who want a one of a kind Wedding Dance

For when you want a full show dance choreographed that will leave your guests entertained and gasping for more. This is the Ultimate story book type of wedding dance. We can include music editing different songs etc

10 x 45min private lesson for Bride and Groom

* Online booking fee applies

We Also offer

Parent & Bride/Groom Lessons 

Parent and Bride/Groom dancing lessons Brisbane
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Wedding dancing for family groups Brisbane

Bridal Party Lessons

Family Groups

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