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Why pick J.B. Dance for your Brisbane Wedding Dance?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

This is a question that a lot of businesses ask themselves. What does your business do that others don't? Why are you better than the rest? What can you offer that other business can't? Before going on you have to take a inside look at what the industry is like. I have had couples come to me from all walks of life and all levels of dance for their first dance. I have had couples come to me saying that they would like to do a specific song and they had been to someone else, where they were told that that song would not work for a wedding dance.......?!!?! I am sad to say that I have heard this many times over my years of teaching experience. Firstly! It's your wedding day no one else. So pick a song that you want to dance to. If you are told "it wont work" well, you have done the right thing walking into lessons at J.B. Dance. I have never found a song that I cannot choreograph to, if you want to do a sexy Salsa or a elegant beautiful Slow Waltz through to a hip hop number to one of the latest hits, I will make it work. I may have to do a little research....(hip hop is not my forte) but I will still make it work. Brings back memories of doing the song Wifey by N.E.X.T a 90s Hip Hop song. This was a challenge but one that I was definitely up for. The next point I would like to make is being a Professional Ballroom dancer I know that dance is about entertainment as well as aesthetics, what you do must also look good. It is no use paying hundreds of dollars to learn a dance that you are going to cringe at every time you watch it because grandma told you after that "you could of stood up a little more" or "stop looking at your feet." At J.B. Dance I don't just teach you steps I teach you to also dance. This includes making sure you are standing right, can lead your partner around the floor effectively and that nothing is left to chance. I say to everyone of my couples, you may feel stupid standing up like that but you wont in the photos and the videos, lets be honest that is what matters the keep sakes of your special day that you can keep forever. Ever seen the incredible Hulk dance a wedding dance? Again things you will never think of but seen so often and just another thing we always check at J.B. Dance. If you wear that jacket that you had lovingly tailored or bought for your first dance you will not only not be able to move, but you will also look like your shoulders are coming out of your ears. You have to think of the whole package from start to finish. The dance for me starts the moment you get to the edge of the floor. How are you set up ready to walk on the floor, where is your audience how long do you have to get to your chosen spot to start etc. I leave nothing to chance. This is only a small example of why it is important to consider who you pick for your wedding dance teacher. We may be a little bit more expensive than others but that is because we have years of professional experience, world wide teaching, and industry recognised qualifications. If you want to do a wedding dance that will floor the audience then we are the right choice for you! So now you know why you should pick us, go to:

htps:// to book your lessons in!

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