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Who would think just standing up could make things look so much better!

Updated: May 25, 2021

I have been a Ballroom and Latin Dancer in Brisbane since 2009 and before that I danced in New Zealand from the age of 8 years old. I have had it instilled in me from a young age how important posture is in life in general. Sadly, it is a lost idea that seems to have been forgotten through out the years.

Now with technology and work spaces becoming more and more crowded, everyone is crammed into small offices with not much space and therefore people are crouched over their keyboards for a huge amount of time during the day. They then go home and watch television, scroll on Facebook for hours on end, all the while sitting there with their head bent forward and no regard for the way they are ruining their posture daily. I fear for our younger generations. The amount of time spent on devices means that kids heads are constantly down and in a screen. Being in this unnatural position over a long period of time use will lead to neck problems and back problems later in life. The number of times I hear my friends saying to their kids, "put your head up" while they are watching videos on their iPad or playing games is huge. The kids do not feel anything now, but give it 30 years and the constant abuse of the neck will lead to lifelong problems in the this generation.

My favourite part of teaching is making people look good while dancing. Not just in the steps that they do, but also the way they look doing it. You can have the most intricate routine and amazing lifts and dips but if you aren't standing up straight you will undoubtedly have someone say, "It was great, but why were you looking at the floor the whole time" or "It would have been even better if you had of stood up straight."

How I explain it to my couples is that the only thing that you will keep forever from your wedding dance is the memories, photos and videos. The memories will hopefully always be good but the photos may not always be so memorable. If you look like Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, you will never want to look at your videos or photos. So I always make sure my couples understand that dancing, as well as being physical is also an aesthetic art/sport (that can be another topic for a Blog Post). I love seeing the smile on my couples faces when they see their partner stand up properly for the first time. It is always the same look, a look of surprise and then admiration. Without a doubt, every time its like your partner who you thought was 5ft is now a 6ft Adonis. It makes me smile every time I see this, and every time I say, "Don't they look good," and almost 100% of time I get the same answer, "I have never seen them stand that way." Such a simple change can really make all the difference for your wedding dance. Therefore no excuses STFU! (I am sure you can use your imagination and figure out what the means.

These are just my ideas of what I think is important in a wedding dance. This will make you look even more relaxed than if you were actually relaxed with slouched shoulders and bad posture, so have a think about it. I hope this is just another reason for you to consider J.B. Dance QLD for your wedding dancing needs. We can't wait to teach you to dance!

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