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The best decision we ever made for our Wedding

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Jane and I were very organised people (we thought) we planned our wedding 12 months ahead given that it was the only spare time we had in our hectic schedule.

Fast forward 12 months and it’s now six weeks out from the wedding and we have sooooo much to get done and no time to get it done.

One of our friends (we will call her Georgia), told us how she had an on the day coordinator for her wedding.

You would think this is just another expense on an already expensive day in your life.

Boy were we wrong!

This was a present that any bride would love to receive from her husband for her wedding day. I should know it was the gift I gave Jane, well along with a diamond ring but that’s beside the point.

Our coordinator was named Cate Allen-Ducat from Mother of Weddings. With many years of event planning expertise under her belt, she was definitely the right choice for us.

Mother of Weddings offers full preparation, through to on the day coordination, the great thing is the choice is yours - you can have as little or as much input as you like. We opted for the on the day coordination and this took away all the stress for us. As I tell everyone who I talk to about our experience with Cate, she dealt with all our problems, even the ones we didn’t know we had! Cate’s attention to detail is second to none. With a detailed runsheet for the day everything was organised to an exact time and everyone knew exactly where to be and when.

Cate goes above and beyond to make sure that your wedding can be all about you. The extra lengths she went to to make our day less stressful were amazing. From picking up and delivering our 12kg cake the day before to organising a rabble of nieces and nephews who because of Cate behaved liked angels - we couldn’t have asked for more!

So guys or gals if you need any ideas for a great wedding present look no further - who wouldn’t want a relaxed bride/groom standing beside you at that altar knowing everything has been taken care of!


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