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So you enjoyed your wedding dance, why not continue dancing?

Thank you so much for reading our blogs, I hope you are having as much fun reading them as I am writing them, I am aiming to get one out once a week. I am hoping to give people more of an idea of what they can expect for their wedding dance and also what Dancesport is as a whole.

But enough of that back to the topic at hand. Why not continue dancing after your wedding? It is common that couples contact me 6-10 weeks out from their wedding looking for Wedding Dance Lessons in Brisbane. I design them a beautiful, elegant sometimes fun and energetic Wedding Dance depending on what they are looking for. They then perform this in front of their nearest and dearest and then......I never hear from them again..... Why? Ballroom and Latin dancing is not commonly known as a hobby in Australian Culture, people do Rugby or Cricket or Yoga or Pilates or Gym. Not as common that someone will do Ballroom or Latin Dancing. My question is why?

Firstly lets answer the benefits of Ballroom and Latin Dancing, or as we in the industry call it Dancesport as a couple. 1. Its a activity you can do together

2. You can dance at any age and any level

3. The world is your oyster, whether you want to just dance socially through to becoming a competitive dancer and everything in between

4. There is no substitute for good posture

5. You learn etiquette and manners and the proper way to interact with others

6. It is an alternate way of exercising. Ask anyone that competes or even socially dances. Ballroom and Latin dancing is not a "walk around the park"

7. The mental benefits of Ballroom and Latin dancing are huge. It is proven to ward of Alzheimer's, increase memory, alertness and awareness

8. Can help with social interactions with others

9. Reduce stress and anxiety, improve balance, mobility and flexibility 10. Feel more confident, improve attitude, and an increased sense of self worth Here are just 10 points that I have come up with while sitting at the computer with out even having to have thought very hard about it. Not all couples decide to not dance after their wedding. I have some couples also that decide they loved the experience and want to continue. You can see here a review from one couple Courtney and Anthony they came to me before their wedding looking for lessons and have been dancing with me now for over a year. They are a high light of my week, as they just love to dance and it is a joy to bring that out in them. It is an activity no matter how busy the week gets they as a couple are able to spend the time together and enjoy being in each others arms and learning together. I see this as so important and something that more couples should do.

I love seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they learn a new dance or when they get to do "the lift" just because you have done it for your wedding dance does not mean you cant continue to do it after.

So guys and girls don't just do your wedding dance and forget about dancing, bring dance into your life.

I think I have come with a good argument for why you should continue dancing after your wedding. Let me know in the comments below why you would like to keep dancing after your wedding I love people commenting along and letting me know your opinions also! As usual keep dancing, keep safe and have fun! #brisbaneweddingdancelessons #dancelife #jbdanceqld #firstdancelessonsbrisbane #dancing #ballroomdancing #latindancing #brisbane #weddingdance #firstdance #dancesport

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