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How to convince your partner to do a Wedding Dance

Updated: May 27, 2021

We don't have enough time....

We have already spent too much money....

I'm going to make a fool of myself.... I have just listed only some of the excuses... I mean reasons, that people come up with in order to not do a wedding dance. But why should you do a Wedding Dance, and how can you convince your significant other, if they are not so keen on the idea?

First and foremost you must gauge your partners interest in the idea. You never know they may surprise you. I have had many couples where the female or male (remember it is 2021 now and we can't discriminate) has come in and told me their partner thought they would never want to do a first dance... and that was completely wrong. Never assume as you will probably make an ass out of you and I/me..... Or that they both thought each other would not be interested. You will never know till you ask.


Bring it up in casual conversation, maybe while having a nice glass of wine or relaxing on the couch. If they do not seem too keen, show them examples of a few different wedding dances. You can even head over to our YouTube page for quite a few past examples (Yes, I know another shameless plug). Once you have done this, you have at least laid the seed. The next step is then getting them committed to lessons.

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You can now sit down at your computer and start researching different places that do Wedding Dance Lessons In Brisbane, or you can follow my expert advice and head over to our Wedding Dance Page where you will find photos, videos and testimonials from some of our amazing clients that have come through J.B Dance Qld in the past. Although J.B. Dance Qld maybe at the higher side of the price guide for First Dance Lessons in Brisbane, we believe it is justified. We list our prices up front so there is no mystery, you know what you are paying when you first go to our site. We are busy running a successful dance business. We do not want to have to answer everyone's calls and enquiries about pricing. If we are too expensive there are plenty of other dance schools around, taught by casual teachers who will give you something to put on the floor. We trust our product and have twenty years of experience teaching couples to dance for their Wedding and have never had a complaint. (Check out our google reviews).

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Once you have your partner in the door, let me do the rest. I will listen to your song and decide which best dance suits your song of choice. (Yes you can choose your own song, no two dances are the same). We dont believe in cookie cutter dance routines. I will first teach you both the basics of the chosen dance. It could be a Slow Waltz, and Rumba, a Cha Cha Cha or a Rhythm Foxtrot or so much more, (I have even done a Paso Doble). No dance is outside of our limits. Slowly reintroducing yourselves to one another, I will make sure you are comfortable in each others arms and are able to master the basics. What do they say? Practice makes better.... so repetition is a key concept of dancing. We will not rush you through any routine, you will learn at your pace.

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After this first lesson, your partner will feel comfortable with the basics of the dance and have gained enough confidence to say “yes we can dance”. You will feel happy as they will be happy to continue. There is no obligation to sign up for a set number of lessons. We believe after your first lesson, you will be in a position to make an educated decision, with my help, on how many lessons it will take to make you comfortable on the floor. Next is the moment after your first lesson, I say to your partner, "That wasn't as bad as you thought it would be was it?" and their response 10/10 times is always "No way, that was actually really good and so much fun!"

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