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How long out should you plan your wedding dance?

Updated: May 27, 2021

Here is a common email I receive.....


My partner and I have our wedding in one week. We have just been playing around in the kitchen together and we realised we both have two left feet... help! Could you fit us in in the next week. We just don't want to look like we are swaying from side to side...


Joe Blogs.

Although this is not an ideal situation, as finding a spot the week before can sometimes be difficult with bookings already that have been made. It is is not impossible. I will endeavor to find you a spot in the schedule, even with one week to go.

How long do you plan your wedding dance out ahead

But what is the ideal situation?

I have had couples come to me a year before their wedding. I wouldn't call this over kill, but for many this is completely unnecessary. Some couples want a extravagant choreographed and technical routine that I can't do in just 6-10 weeks. So this timeframe would be ideal for those couples. This allows me to teach them the correct technique, posture, timing and to develop a routine that will literally floor the audience. As an example I have choreographed the entire Dirty Dancing final dance scene from start to finish, including the lift. This was a monumental task but one that I was completely up for. After going away to research, finding out the steps and making it easy to learn, I choreographed a routine that was perfect, and Baby definitely was not put in the corner!

Wedding Dance performance

Now lets say its 6 months out from your wedding. This is when I recommend that couples do one lesson to test the water. Although I have never found a couple I don't gel with, (I am sure there is someone), it is important that you are happy with your teacher and their approach to your learning. This first lesson lets you “test the water”, find out if you like me as a teacher.... (who wouldn't?!) and also figure out how many lessons you think it might take to develop what you are looking for in your wedding dance. Although this is ultimately your decision, I can also help by recommending the number of lessons I think it will take to achieve your goal for your dance. I am not here to bankrupt anyone, so I will be honest and upfront and let you know how many I recommend.

The number of lessons I recommend will normally be between 6-10 lessons. This gives you both enough time to go away and have a week or so break and then come back and do a lesson once every 1 - 2 weeks. Closer to the wedding, if you believe you need more lessons, we will always try to accommodate this. Ok,

Lets say you are 3 months out from your wedding, and you have both been on Youtube and seen this amazing wedding dance. Here's an example.... Who would we be if we didn't show you our wedding dance?! ( Ok so that was some shameless promotion. But lets say you have done exactly that. Now you go and google search #Brisbaneweddingdancelessons and J.B. Dance Qld comes up in the top spot, you click on it and head on over to our website. You now have the option of choosing one, six or ten lessons. This is when I will receive an email stating that you have 3 months till the wedding and hope that you have not left it too late.

Short Answer, You have not. It all depends on how much you want to do. For 6 lessons you will get a Wedding Dance that is one of a kind, a basic routine with a few turns and possibly a lift or an extravagant line to finish. This is usually enough for most people, as it already is much more than your friends and family were expecting and you will wow them.

Couple wedding dance

But if you still feel like you need more, you may want to edit your song and have different songs mixed together. This is when I would recommend doing ten lessons. We will then have the time to discuss what you envisage and get down to choreographing and developing a routine that will be the talk of the town for months to come. I will have time to discuss posture, technique and the way the routine is facing so that all your magic moments are correctly directed at your audience, while giving you enough time to feel practiced and comfortable on the floor. So in short, whether you leave it till the last minute or have a year or six months until your wedding, I will make you feel confident and comfortable enough to perform a dance that you will remember forever as your first dance! If you would like to book your lessons, please head on over to our wedding page and pick one of our great packages. You will not be disappointed!

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