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How do you pick the perfect wedding dance song?

This a common question I get asked as a wedding dance teacher. The simple answer is I cannot answer this question. The only person who can pick the perfect song for you and your fiancé is yourselves.

I can help though..... when you come in for your first wedding dance lesson the first question I ask is what song are you dancing to. There is an awkward glance sideways as you both look at each other thinking I have no idea. This is not always the case but it is sometimes.

In this case I say to the couple think back to when you first met..... (this is sometimes a long time ago)... Was there a song playing on the radio that always reminded you of each other. It can be anything yes the lyrics are important but mainly the song has to be important to the two of you. Think back to the couples who met in 2014 Ed Sheerans song “Thinking out Loud,” comes on. This is a prime example of a song that could have been important to you and reminded you of each other a great choice.

If you cannot think of a song then it comes down to what sort of dance do you want to do. A whirling elegant Waltz, or a sexy sultry Rumba. What ever it is I have never found a song that I cannot choreograph. If you have an idea then there is always a song that will match it.

If you are struggling to find a song for your wedding dance let us know. We can always help and make great recommendations to suit your beautiful day. The thing to remember is the day is about you two and no one else.

If you haven’t booked in for your wedding dance lessons in Brisbane contact us and we will have you moving around that dance floor with ease! We cannot wait to teach you to dance!

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